1 on 1 program

Are you looking for 1-on-1 guidance on real estate investing? With real personal attention and guaranteed premises, we are happy to help!

Buy to let

Getting started with a first property purchase or 1 on 1 guidance in building your real estate portfolio?

Splitting process

A unique route to split properties. Get to work with a personal coach to complete this journey perfectly.

How does a 1 on 1 program work?

We have had the pleasure of guiding more than 2000+ students during our 1 on 1 programs.

To get started right away, you get instant access to our unique real estate community!

Then you will join the REM Live weekend where we will tell you all about the basics about real estate (and more). Think of it as a fun theoretical day to think like a real estate professional.

Then the real work of the 1-on-1 journey begins.

Weekly you will meet with your personal coach. During this session you will discuss personal goals and map out the plan for your real estate investment.