1 on 1 Splitting Program

Are you already familiar with splitting homes? This fascinating way to increase your real estate portfolio and maximize your returns is still “fairly unknown.” We will teach you everything!

For whom it is

How it works

1 on 1 counseling

Get your own experienced real estate coach to guide you to the successful purchase of your first investment property.

The best deals

Get daily deals offered and discounted rates on appraisers, contractors, financial advisors and much more.

100% success guarantee

Do we fail to achieve the pre-set goals? Then we continue until we do. Free.

Real estate masterclass

How Can We Help?

At Real Estate Masterclass, we offer a unique 1-on-1 Splitsing Program.

Our experts make sure you are well prepared and don’t skip any essential steps. We will help you throughout the entire process!

We help navigate the complex world of permits and building requirements.

We advise on how to make the best use of the available space for maximum efficiency.

How can you get started?

Are you someone guaranteed to sign an investment property? And do you have at least €250,000 in savings/overvalue or assets? Then the 1 on 1 Split   perfect is right for you.

Schedule a call appointment here. Then together we will see if you are suitable and if we can help you successfully.